Skoal Kodiak - Side A of Skoal Kodiak/Knife World Split Cassette

Both staple points of the thriving Minneapolis scene, this tape was sold during a joint tour during either 2008 or 2009, I don't remember. Trust me when I say the Knife World side of the tape is equally enchanting but I've leaked way too much of John Nielsens' classic works to the internet (see the Knife World and Voyager albums...if you can find em...).

Skoal Kodiak consists of two former members of the Cows on bass and drums and an accomplished noisemaker as a front man who manipulates electronics. The sound could be defined as a cross between noisy, hip-hop influenced pop and Gang of Four or Public Image Limitedesque grooves. Unbelievably tight bass work, outright astounding drumming, and a charismatic, noise generating frontman who mostly sings through a circuit bent bleach bottle while wearing a lamp around his neck. Hands down some of the best and most functional drone and oscillator work I've seen in recent time, particularly in underground "experimental" dance music. Skoal Kodiak seems to be a step above with well orchestrated parts and catchy, yet unintelligible, hooks.

The tape stands as an excellent example of the unbranded dance music they've been bringing to Minneapolis for some time now. Their first album (Three People Keep Having Grape Emegencies) doesn't nearly capture their brilliant live show, although a new album is rumored to be on the way.

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Mar said...

Hey Thanks for putting us on your blog. We are re-recording this 1st Skoal Kodiak track though and would prefer if this older version wasnt promoted for download. Don't mind if the 2nd track is available here though thanks.