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have already purchased all the raffle tickets and their are several hundreds of thousand of hip, green, DIY conscious bands on the Lower East Side

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From: The Deli Year End Polls for Emerging Artists
Date: Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 7:40 PM
Subject: Best of Your Scene Poll 2010: 2 days left to submit (2RCXUL advances)
To: RudyDudy@askjeevevs.com

Deli-cious Bands and Artists,

The deadline to submit your band to be considered for The Deli's Local Best of Polls through SonicBids is January 31.

Even if you already submitted for free through our site before December, submitting through SonicBids will actually give you more chances to be selected because we promised them a certain number of nominees per city - it's only $5.

Here are the submission links organized by region - good luck and Happy Holidays!

NYC - Los Angeles

Other Scenes (Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Nashville, New England, Philly, Portland, SF Bay Area, Washiington)

The Deli's Staff

P.S. Check out the charts!

You may already be famous!

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