Sven Grünberg - Hingus

01 - Hingus (I Osa)
02 - Hingus (II Osa)
03 - Hingus (III Osa)
04 - Hingus (IV Osa)
05 - Teekond
06 - Valgusõis

Sven Grünberg (born 24 November 1956, Estonia) is an Estonian ambient and progressive rock composer and musician most known for his meditative organ and electronic works involving the concepts of Tibetan Buddhism. He has collaborated with the film director Olav Neuland and written the soundtracks for the most of his films.

In the 1970s Grünberg was the leader of the progressive rock band
Mess, which was founded by him in January 1974 together with Härmo Härm. Despite the years of the band's existence and many live performances, Mess did not release a single studio album because of the contradictions of their musical style with the Soviet ideology; only in 1996 did Grünberg released a compilation from several survived Mess recordings and a full remastered album in 2004.

Grünberg is also the Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Institute of Buddhism.

Sven Grünberg - Hingus [Mirrors: 1, 2, 3, 4]

Van Der Graaf Generator - Godbluff

Peter Hammillvoice, piano, clavinet, electric guitar
Hugh Bantonorgans w/ bass pedals, bass guitar
Guy Evansdrums, percussion
David Jacksonsaxophones, flute

01 - Undercover Man (Hammill) :: Lyrics
02 - Scorched Earth (Hammill, Jackson) :: Lyrics
03 - Arrow (Hammill) :: Lyrics
04 - The Sleepwalkers (Hammill) :: Lyrics
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05 - Forsaken Gardens (Hammill) :: Lyrics
06 - A Louse Is Not A Home (Hammill) :: Lyrics


Godbluff is the first record released by Van der Graaf Generator after they reformed in 1975. It is their fifth disc overall.

It features a tighter, more pared-down sound than the band's earlier recordings with John Anthony. Hammill makes extensive use of the Hohner Clavinet D6 electromechanical keyboard.


Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson - "The eye in the pyramid," "The third trip, or binah"

The Purple Sage cursed and waxed sorely pissed and cried out in a loud voice: A pox upon the cursed Illuminati of Bavaria; may their seed take no root.
     May their hands tremble, their eyes dim and their spines curl up, yea, verily, like unto the backs of snails; and may the vaginal orifices of their women be clogged with Brillo pads.
     For they have sinned against God and Nature; they have made of life a prison; and they have stolen the green from the grass and the blue from the sky.
     And so saying, and grimacing and groaning, the Purple Sage left the world of men and women and retired to the desert in despair and heavy grumpiness.
     But the High Chapperal laughed, and said to the Erisian faithful: Our brother torments himself with no cause, for even the malign Illuminati are unconscious pawns of the Divine Plane of Our Lady.
          —Mordecai Malignatus, K.N.S.,
          “The Book of Contradictions,”
Liber 555

(Shea, Robert, and Robert Anton Wilson. The Illuminatus! Trilogy. 2nd ed. New York, NY: Dell Publishing, 1975. pp.91. Print.)