Edward Gorey - The Eclectic Abecedarium

Betray no qualms
When asked for Alms.

A hidden Bird
Is often heard.

Pick up loose Crumbs
Upon your thumbs.

Look back before
You close a Door.

There is an Eye
Up in the sky.

It takes elan
To wield a Fan.

Beyond the Glass
We see life pass.

For catching Hail
Keep by a pail.

Be loathe to drink
Indian Ink.

Don't try to cram
The dog with Jam.

In sorting Kelp
Be quick to help.

Forbear to taste
Library Paste.

Be sure a Mouse
Lurks in the house.

A careless No
Leads on to woe.

Don't leave the shore
Without an Oar.

Request a Pill
When you are ill.

Find tasks to do
While in a Queue.

Attempt to cope
With tangled Rope.

See down the Sun
When day is done.

On any road
May sit a Toad.

Don't overturn
The garden Urn.

Beware the Vine
Which can entwine.

The way to Hell
Is down a Well.

The letter X
Was made to vex.

With every Yawn
A moment's gone.

The kitchen sink
Is made of Zinc.


Royal Trux - Twin Infinitives

01 - Solid Gold Tooth
02 - Ice Cream
03 - Jet Pet
04 - RTX-USA
05 - Kool Down Wheels
06 - Chances Are the Comets In Our Future
07 - Yin Jim Versus the Vomit Creatures
08 - Osiris
09 - (Edge of the) Ape Oven
10 - Florida Avenue Theme
11 - Lick My Boots
12 - Glitterbust
13 - Funk Son
14 - Ratcreeps
15 - New York Avenue Bridge

this is, to my ears, the most accidentally good album - at least The Shaggs seemed to care about & enjoy their music
dope-shot bored & tossed-off for i don't know why
a little bit critically acclaimed, but i don't know any thing about Pussy Galore or JSBX
ultimately, you're not going to want to listen to this all the way through, and that's ok

Royal Trux - Twin Infinitives

Scritti Politti - "Absolute" & mix

absolute, on power drive
i need you so to keep me alive

Animal Collective - "My Girls"

lyrics that ring true: i don't mean to seem like i care about material things, like a social status
i just want four walls and Adobe slabs for my girls


Wold - Screech Owl

01 - An Habitation of Dragons and a Court For Owls
02 - Ray of Gold
03 - So That No Sword May Strike Him Down
04 - The Field Hag
05 - Nervosa
06 - Windmill
07 - December Eve
08 - This is How I Know
09 - Gather Under Her Shadow
10 - A Sword Becomes Red With Fury
11 - Screech Owl
12 - I'm the Chisel
13 - Undying Fire of Urian

these past several years have given me dreadfully sad winters and a deeper understanding of black metal & ultimately emotion manifest through sound
this music is bleak, indistinct, and the aural space around it is stained grey; this music is gone, along with that penciled cover: it's hiding inside itself, behind lo-fi, so lo-fi screen
too much!, put it off til spring

Wold - Screech Owl

F ile S preading E ngine

a useful guide through the vast world of file spreading engines can be found here