Edward Gorey - The Eclectic Abecedarium

Betray no qualms
When asked for Alms.

A hidden Bird
Is often heard.

Pick up loose Crumbs
Upon your thumbs.

Look back before
You close a Door.

There is an Eye
Up in the sky.

It takes elan
To wield a Fan.

Beyond the Glass
We see life pass.

For catching Hail
Keep by a pail.

Be loathe to drink
Indian Ink.

Don't try to cram
The dog with Jam.

In sorting Kelp
Be quick to help.

Forbear to taste
Library Paste.

Be sure a Mouse
Lurks in the house.

A careless No
Leads on to woe.

Don't leave the shore
Without an Oar.

Request a Pill
When you are ill.

Find tasks to do
While in a Queue.

Attempt to cope
With tangled Rope.

See down the Sun
When day is done.

On any road
May sit a Toad.

Don't overturn
The garden Urn.

Beware the Vine
Which can entwine.

The way to Hell
Is down a Well.

The letter X
Was made to vex.

With every Yawn
A moment's gone.

The kitchen sink
Is made of Zinc.

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