Cocteau Twins - Aikea-Guinea

01 - Aikea-Guinea
02 - Kookaburra
03 - Quisequose
04 - Rococo

i have an image in my mind of the Cocteau Twins living in an expansive, interconnected system of velvet tents that constantly flow as kelp in tide
they play their music for ever, and you're allowed to stop in at any time to make a recording, which you can then release on a record as a song
"style: ethereal"

Cocteau Twins - Aikea-Guinea

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Chris & Cosey - October Love Song (remixed)

a deceptively simple song that well captures the hazy, toxic feeling of love
i could romp and wallow for days in a chamber w you
bright lights through thick airs, sour-sweet scents spilt over and over again by intense care
from the Take Five EP

Chris & Cosey - "October Love Song (remixed)"



01 - Dirty South Strut
02 - Memories of Me
03 - Bump It
04 - Jogging On the Moon
05 - Consequences
06 - Rolling With the Punches of L.I.F.E.
07 - Code Blue
08 - I'm Going Home
09 - Bump It (Instrumental)

an otherworldly jewel from the inmitable James Stinson (Drexciya, Elecktroids, et al.)
unsteady electronic concotions of bizarre, seemingly incompatible sounds
released two months after Stinson's premature death of heart failure
the title of the album is an acronym for "Life Is Fast Ending"
the liner notes complete the message: "Life is fast ending - So live!"
you can find a thorough analysis of this album here

Transllusion - L.I.F.E.

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mega drain


The Lost Jockey (1983)

A1 - Beauty Bizniz (Schaun Tozer)
A2 - Lean Do (David Owen)
B1 - Blind Alley (Simon Limbrick)
B2 - Buzz Buzz Buzz Went the Honey Bee (Orlando Gough)

O.O.P. cassette by obscure London-based minimalist collective
i like this group a lot so i'll be posting more later
of interest: member Andrew Poppy contributed orchestral arrangements to Psychic TV's great album Force the Hand of Chance

The Lost Jockey (1/2)
The Lost Jockey (2/2)

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