Five Starcle Men - Gomba Reject Ward Japan

01 - So Far Backie
02 - Follow Me To The Store
03 - Yellow Frog Legs
04 - Donavon Palsy Master Ward
05 - Our House Is Important
06 - Bitchen Transmission
07 - Spaceman And Human
08 - 48 Of Stars
09 - Stutterer
10 - Ducks Abduct
11 - Only Kids Of Nothing Star
12 - Pizza Hut Families Rule
13 - From Death Trap
14 - Ten Foot Barbie Ward
15 - I Said Momma
16 - Teen Texas Concert
17 - Oh My Goodness
18 - Electric Valley
19 - Mommy On Drugs
20 - Broadway World Kids
21 - We Come From A Land
22 - Starcle Manee Alien
23 - Baby FSM
24 - Starcle Cartoon Glossolalia
25 - Crevice Block Poet
26 - Gomblasemba Lumbieca
27 - Calm Stay Calm
28 - You Will Realize Me

This FSM history album (spanning 1992-1998) for study by government demons and cartoons for Japanese kid of audience is not gay. But this is a gay press release for the University Press and Disney CGI.

Meanwhile, Only Kids of Nothing Star by the two guys in Five Starcle Men has been released on the Net, with the band's Web history claiming that one of the two killed himself a while ago. Eighty percent of it is cack—cheap software chitter and silicon noises—but the duo's mythology indicates they were dextromethorphan punks, feeling the need to dull existential pain.

Nothing Star numbers are rhythmically compelling. One rips off Beck's "Loser" riff; another has a harmonica sound and the chant "Pizza Hut families transcend spiritual reality." However, because Five Starcle Men were downers, honestly horrid, and maybe nuts, they never made a video featuring the glum faces of dysfunctional boozer parents, stealthily corrosive friends, and assorted earnest-looking made-for-TV ringers.
 - George Smith, "Go Ahead, Kill Yourself," in The Village Voice (January 20, 2004)

These kids were involved in alien drug torture and deadly cartoon culture governments. They loved performing their little hit "Pizza Hut Families Rule" which often led to their being kicked off stage by the police or various forces that didn't like the song. Using modern cultural, pharmacological, and other technologies, these young suburban punks constructed highly aestheticized, delusional realities for themselves and their viewers, often resulting in a dangerous sense of political and intellectual ability.
Glen Hobbs soon died by suicide. He left many fabulous artifacts.
Luke McGowan now studies science, philosophy, and history at university.

They built and played on home made insturments and bent looped electronics from toy stores and Radio Shack.

The label "Lost Frog" from Japan sells their CD and a documentary about the deadly chain of events that resulted from the Five Starcle Men chain of Dextromethorphin abuse is in the making.
They came from Lancaster, Ca. (1991-1998)

 - Rich, tribe.net

gonna listen to this later for sure
my friend rich polysorbate 60 was really into starcle men mythology
apparently you see them on large doses of dxm

yea, i dont know his real last name, he had it legally changed to that
member of the long gone LA chaos society (its not chaos, a word like chaos i can't recall right now), lives in long beach and is really into making fake mythology real, like planting fake dead bodies, and giving lectures on skunk apes at universities and such. He would mention starcle men a lot, and him and his buddies had stickers and drawings of them and one even had a tattoo of one. But I don't remember much other than they are common DXM dis-associative hallucinations. As these guys are from LA, it's probably part of the same circle of DXM lovers. Not really sure.

ok, so chris (baboon torture division) said this about it:
"It could be a fictitious band invented by Rich for all I know. Jeff McLean has a starcleman tattoo. According to Rich, the music was all made during DXM trips and was somehow influenced by 5 dimensional aliens. I don't think it's too much of a stretch if you believe in telepathic communication, that aliens would have an easier time contacting us psychically than using radio waves. Maybe people in a dissociative state such as a DXM or DMT trip are more receptive to these kinds of things."

a reference to the dxm-alien connection

 - Dr. Rek, braindance! forum

Five Starcle Men - Gomba Reject Ward Japan : ZIP / stream


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transmutation11 said...

if you dig these guys check out this: