Jorge Reyes - Comala

01 - Comala - El Lugar De La Ruptura De Los Vientos...
02 - Adios Mi Acompañamiento
03 - Hekura
04 - Nadie Se Libra En Tamohuanchan
05 - La Diosa De Las Águilas
06 - El Ánima Sola - Ya Se Llegó La Hora Y Tiempo...
07 - El Arrullo De La Mujer Día, Mujer Luz »BONUS

An image down deep in the ayahuasca; Carlos Castaneda receiving the full force love of Don Juan's immortal technique via 64-bit Genesis synth-pads

Downplaying the electronic element and expanding the arsenal of prehispanic instruments, Comala shifted the emphasis towards "native" ritualism. The sinister, ghostly atmosphere of the 12-minute Comala is built by a jungle of objects and voices that work their way through a lattice of electronic drones. Water and other found sounds vibrate inside the belly of Nadie Se Libra, a nightmarish vision of the otherworld. Everything collides in the tragic atmosphere of El Anima Sola, that blends vocal samples, solemn electronics, martial drums and a mournful ocarina.
 - Piero Scaruffi

Jorge Reyes - Comala

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