Lamb - Cross Between

A1 - Flying
A2 - Now's Not The Time
A3 - Cross Between
A4 - Sleepwalking
A5 - Reach High
B1 - Ku
B2 - While Waiting
B3 - Flotation
B4 - Milo And The Travellers

I moved out of my parents' house years ago and took every thing important w me
Some months later I asked them to ship me some important things
Later that year I swung by the house and remembered to pick up some important things
Now I swing by the house frequently to dig for more things that I can realize are important
This LP is important because now I have a busted paradigm concerning my parents' music taste

Jerry Garcia plays on tracks A1, A5, and B3
• This is not Lamb (band) or even Lamb (folk duo); this is Lamb (rock band)

Lamb - Cross Between [Mirrors: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

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Flowerpower said...

I've looking for the song "Flying" on this album for a long time. Please re-upload as the current link has expired or is broken.

bryan reynolds said...

@Flowerpower: I'll repost in a couple days when I get home. I'm glad someone's interested in this buried treasure.

bryan reynolds said...

@Flowerpower: reposted!

thujol said...

thanks for posting this.
I have just seen the filmmore Dvd
and I loved this band.

thanks so much again,
and sorry my english (:

bryan reynolds said...

@thujol: thanks for stopping by :)