Strawberry Switchblade - S/T

A1 - Since Yesterday
A2 - Deep Water
A3 - Another Day
A4 - Little River
A5 - 10 James Orr Street
B1 - Let Her Go
B2 - Who Knows What Love Is?
B3 - Go Away
B4 - Secrets
B5 - Who Knows What Love Is? (Reprise)
B6 - Being Cold

Cold, dark, polka dots
Gleaming stones click like coins if you look in the ‘DEEP RIVER’
Rose McDowall has one of my favorite voices
She's mostly known for her collaborations, but Strawberry Switchblade is an equally CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT if you ask me
This fansite has a lot of live recordings and rarities for free download
Rose McDowall has collaborated w fucking Boyd Rice, fucking Current 93, fucking Death In June, fucking Nurse With Wound, AND FUCKING COIL!!

Strawberry Switchblade - S/T

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