The Residents - Double Shot

01 - Double Shot (Swingin' Medallions)
02 - Loss of Loved One (Extended Version)
03 - Kiss of Flesh (Instrumental)

once upon a time The Residents were unquestionably awesome
anonymous artists utilizing cutting edge technology to make catchingly off-kilter pop on the verge of noise
my interest in them has dwindled as the artists become more open, the technology less relevant, and the music less unpredictable & engaging (albeit no less noisy: the 'Singing Resident' has shown a recent penchant for screaming over harmonising electric guitars)

this 30mm CD contains three tracks from the God In Three Persons arc of ≈ 1988
harrowing, synthetic, and relatable; a career high

The Residents - Double Shot

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nano247 said...

I just searched for 2 hours looking for this mini cd, I hadn't seen/listened to this in years. Gave up and searched for the rar file. Thank you. And I agree with your write up