Angus MacLise - The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda

01 - Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda (St. Mark's Epiphany)
02 - Shortwave-India
03 - Heavenly Blue Pt.4&5
04 - Blastitude
05 - Humming In The Night Skull

Angus MacLise was the original, aurally-undocumented drummer / percussionist for The Velvet Underground; he also played in La Monte Young's awesome Theatre Of Eternal Music / Dream Syndicate
Here, Angus transcends reality, and is joined in doing so on tracks 01 & 03 by the Universal Mutant Repertory Company, which includes Angus's wife Hetty MacLise, former Gong members Loren Standlee and Ziska Baum, and Raja Samyana

Concretely, this sounds like The Skaters, specifically Spencer Clarke, except 30+ years earlier in time and more earnest

“ You are not limited to one room, there are many rooms. ”
 - Angus MacLise, Smothered Under Astral Collapse

Angus MacLise - The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda

That this web-log spins around a central mythos, it will manifest to all seeing eyes --
Subtitle: Five easy pieces—one key piece

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